New Media
Covering Copenhagen
Specific Audience

The Concept

MediaBox is introducing a fresh new media platform in Denmark that utilizes pizza trays as a platform. In partnership with our advertisers, we will create engaging and innovative campaigns that target consumers while they enjoy their pizza.

Did you know?

The average Dane eats around 23 kg of pizza annually, corresponding to approximately forty-six pizzas per person in Denmark.

If all Danes eat 46 pizzas a year, that is 266.800.000 pizzas.


We cover most of Greater Copenhagen, allowing you as an advertiser to engage with a large audience. Every day, we work to add more pizzerias, increasing your brand's exposure.

Custom Design Examples

We offer custom-designed pizza boxes to showcase your brand and create a memorable unboxing experience for your customers. Our designs reinforce your brand identity and enhance customer satisfaction. Here are a few examples.